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The Canadian Salsa Dance Corporation presents

Montreal Salsa Convention

MAY 17-21, 2018

Victoria Day Weekend


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Dj Alberth Moreno

Dj Alberth Moreno began with a passion for music from an early age. As he was growing up, in his hometown Bogota, Colombia he was always surrounded by music. Later on he moved to Miami Florida where he was introduced to a bigger variety of music, that’s when he just fell in love with it.

Alberth started recording his own mixes on tapes & later on went to recording his own mixed CD’s. Alberth was offered an opportunity to work as the main DJ at a reputable Salsa school in Miami named Salsa Lovers Dance Studios. This opened any doors for him in the music industry, giving him the opportunity to DJ for many nightclubs, festivals, concerts, and congress. As Alberth became more acclaimed by other artist, promoters, nightclubs & fans all from different nationalities & races, that’s when he decided to start traveling.




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  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is the Convention?

    The Convention is a 5-day latin dance event from the 17 th

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