The Canadian Salsa Dance Corporation presents

Salsa Convention

MAY 14-19, 2014

Victoria Day Weekend


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The Main Salsa Event

  • The Canadian Salsa Dance Corporation

    Is a non-for-profit organization that promotes Latin music, dance and culture while uniting a multi-ethnic audience. To inform and educate amateur, semi-professionals, and professional artists in the dance sector. To provide the possibility of networking and exchange for developing atists.

    Renowned international artists, full venues, great media coverage, salsa dancing all week-end and lots of happy faces.

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Band & DJ's

Live Band: Son Ache Cubano - Best Cuban and Porto Rican Music
Son Ache Cubano

Son Ache Cubano: A group of elite musicians from Cuba. (David Alvarez y Juego de Manos, Adalberto Alvarez y su Son and others )

Son Ache Cubano: A different story ... With an ability to add their own flares to different tropical and
popular rhythms for example: Merengue, Bachata and Salsa. Seven musicians and two outstanding
singers, who, with their charm, warmth, vitality and positive energy rule the stage,

Singers: Nordelis Valdes O'Fernill, Janitze Aragón Llanes,

The musicians: Michael Cantero Acao Florida (Composer, musical director and piano), Diomer González González (Bongo, Cajon), Dayan Sailoman (Congas), Carlos Alberto Díaz Barrios (Trumpet), Michel Medrano Brindis (Timbale), Moi Prex (Trombone), René Sixto Ayala Oviedo (Bass).

DJ Henry Knowles
Henry Knowles Henry Knowles, known as the # 1 Salsa DJ around the world, is the DJ’s disc jockey, spinning that tension-building beat and filling dancers with ánimo. With la clave in his heart and the music in his veins, he carries his passion for Latin culture and music in his work. This very special disc jockey's mixing abilities are unmatched and respected worldwide. His breadth of knowledge about Salsa music and its history, his music library, and ability to read his audience while creating un ambiente caliente have made Henry the Salsa community's most beloved disc jockey.

DJ Sisco
Francisco Garcia was raised around the salsa scene since birth but his love for the music did not arise until his mid 20's. He quickly became a big fan of the Salsa Dura and started to involve himself in the salsa scene. Having been raised up playing Trumpet since he was 10 years old, his ability to hear music and capture the phrases and breaks made learning to dance much easier. His first year, he started to make a collection of his own music, slowly building his library and falling in love with GUAGUANCO, SALSA DURA and GUAJIRA. These sounds have become his trademark; focusing on the early 70's sound to the late 50's. In no time, he was greatly received and gained the recognition of many Montreal Salsa Dancers, who were witnessing DJ Sisco perform for the first time. Francisco's ability to play a variety of music, and meet the needs and wants of the crowd improved greatly in Montreal. During his short time Dj'ing Francisco has already been invited to Dj at events at congress level, and having been able to spin along side some of Canada's top DJ's. His style has reached and heard all over the world.

Collaborating with GUSTO Ent. he has held his own events in Edmonton, Calgary, Niagara Falls, Montreal, and has his own monthly social based in Toronto called Mambo Fridays, soon to be expanding his socials to the United States and Europe. DJ Sisco has also been headlined at yearly events such as; SalsaGlam, and Chim Pum Callao Salsa Congress in Niagara Falls to name a few. His professionalism has been greatly respected at all events and his fans got to see his ambition and love for music at a higher level, It is something that he honors with great respect and pride. As Dj Sisco continues to mature as a Dj also his sound and selections of songs changes but always remembering to cater to his crowd first and never forget about this wonderful thing we call Salsa. Expect to hear and see DJ Sisco in many congress's in the years to come!!!

Martin Volesky "aka Montuno"


A prominent DJ in the Salsa world based in Montreal. Martin has traveled the globe with his talent and loves to keep the crowd moving all night long. He has been part of the convention and will be here once again with new tunes for everyone to enjoy!

Jim DA Vo, aka DJ dVo

dVo DJ dVo has been passionately spinning salsa music since 2005. He is Ottawa's most active salsa DJ and is considered one of the fastest growing talents. With a strong background in music and as a salsa dancer, he has developed a unique but exploratory sense to salsa rhythms and musicality. This is evident through his ability to read the crowd and to be able to build momentum on the dance floor with his music selections. DJ dVo has spinned at various salsa congresses, convention, festivals, and social events in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Guelph, Gatineau and Ottawa. He is a regular DJ and the founder of Ottawa's Salsaria, a not-for-profit salsa interest group for "dancers, by dancers."

Jean Nonez
Dj Jean Nonez DJ Jean Nonez is the featured DJ of all Montreal events. His reputation as a Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Kizomba DJ is well respected in the Montreal dance comunity. He DJ's at Salon Delima, Espace des Arts and for the San Tropez dance school on a regular basis. His music selection is always up to date and always adds that special flavour to his socials.

Dj Oscar
DJ Oscar is going to fill the dance floor with the sizzling sounds of a new generation of hard-hitting salsa, along with the hottest bachata, zouk and kizomba tracks being produced. Having spun at notable events such as the Vancouver International Salsafestival and Montreal’s Salsa Fever Dance Competition, Oscar is bringing his talents for the first time to the Montreal Salsa Convention. Anyone who has heard him spin knows that a party with DJ Oscar doesn’t end till the wee hours of the morning.

Visit to listen to DJ Oscar’s latest tracks!

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  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is the Convention?

    The Convention is a 5-day latin dance event from the 14 th

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