The Canadian Salsa Dance Corporation presents

Salsa Convention

MAY 13-18, 2015

Victoria Day Weekend


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The Main Salsa Event

  • The Canadian Salsa Dance Corporation

    Let's get ready for the next Convention!


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DJ Henry Knowles
Henry Knowles, known as the # 1 Salsa DJ around the world, is the DJ’s disc jockey, spinning that tension-building beat and filling dancers with ánimo. With la clave in his heart and the music in his veins, he carries his passion for Latin culture and music in his work. This very special disc jockey's mixing abilities are unmatched and respected worldwide. His breadth of knowledge about Salsa music and its history, his music library, and ability to read his audience while creating un ambiente caliente have made Henry the Salsa community's most beloved disc jockey.

Jim DA Vo, aka DJ dVo

DJ dVo has been passionately spinning salsa music since 2005. He is Ottawa's most active salsa DJ and is considered one of the fastest growing talents. With a strong background in music and as a salsa dancer, he has developed a unique but exploratory sense to salsa rhythms and musicality. This is evident through his ability to read the crowd and to be able to build momentum on the dance floor with his music selections. DJ dVo has spinned at various salsa congresses, convention, festivals, and social events in Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Guelph, Gatineau and Ottawa. He is a regular DJ and the founder of Ottawa's Salsaria, a not-for-profit salsa interest group for "dancers, by dancers."

DJ Sabrusso
Dj Sabrusso, a new addition and rising star in the Salsa DJ family has already made waves in the local Montreal salsa scene with his new and distinguished flavour. As a seasoned salsa dancer anad a salsa music aficionado, he has developped a dancer-minded intuition that enriches the musical ambiance of the party. A resident DJ at Montreal trendiest salsa social, Baila Con Gusto, he is recognized for his ability to built an emotional connection with his audience, keeping salseros on the dance floor song after song.

DJ Jean Nonez
  DJ Jean Nonez is the featured DJ of all Montreal events. His reputation as a Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Kizomba DJ is well respected in the Montreal dance comunity. He DJ's at Salon Delima, Espace des Arts and for the San Tropez dance school on a regular basis. His music selection is always up to date and always adds that special flavour to his socials.

DJ Kafé
  DJ Kafé (Java Panzo) arrived in Toronto in 1998, looking for a new channel for his compelling love for life and movement. His skills as a dancer, DJ & MC has taken him to performances around the world, including China, Africa ,Europe and the U.S. Currently he is an instructor, choreographer, DJ, and creative director with (red) mambo . In his spare time, Java is completing his Electronics Engineering degree. Dancing with the discipline of a professional athlete and the fluid sensuousness of his native rhythm, Java also has an acute understanding of dance as creative expression and communication with the music. When teaching dance instruction, Java aims to have each student discover his or her own relationship with the music, applying and reapplying his fundamental rule in dance: "Listen to the music."

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  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is the Convention?

    The Convention is a 5-day latin dance event from the 13 th

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