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The Canadian Salsa Dance Corporation presents

Montreal Salsa Convention

MAY 17-21, 2018

Victoria Day Weekend


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Competition Info

*Please note Heats & Showcase divisions (all categories) will be on Saturday May 20th 2017*

The styles available for CHOREOGRAPHY/SHOWCASE DIVISION are Salsa and Bachata in the following categories

        • Pro Team Ladies Styling (salsa)**

        • Pro Team Ladies Styling (bachata)**

        • PRO-AM Salsa

        • PRO-AM Bachata

        • Pro-Am Team Salsa **

        • Pro-Am Team Bachata **

        • Pro-Am Team Ladies Styling (salsa)**

        • Pro-Am Team Ladies Styling (bachata)**

        • AM-AM Salsa

        • AM-AM Bachata

        • Am Team Salsa (minimum 4 dancers)

        • Am Team Bachata

        • Am Team Ladies Styling (salsa)**

        • Am Team Ladies Styling (bachata)**

        • Same gender

**Min 4 dancers for Team divisions. For Ladies Styling teams, a minimum of 3 dancers is required.
**Pro-Am Team divisions: maximum of 2 Pros/semi-pro per team.

The styles available for the HEATS DIVISION in the following categories:

  • PRO-PRO Heats (Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Hustle)
    *semi-pro is included in this category

  • PRO-AM Salsa

  • PRO-AM Bachata

  • PRO-AM Hustle

  • PRO-AM ChaCha

  • PRO-AM Kizomba

  • PRO-AM Merengue

  • PRO-AM Brazilian Zouk

  • AM-AM Salsa

  • AM-AM Bachata

  • AM-AM Hustle

  • AM-AM ChaCha

  • AM-AM Kizomba

  • AM-AM Merengue

  • AM-AM Brazilian Zouk

  • 40 years old and over Division