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The Canadian Salsa Dance Corporation presents

Montreal Salsa Convention

MAY 17-21, 2018

Victoria Day Weekend


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General Info & Rules



1. This competition will be a “one – shot” deal meaning that each couple will present a maximum 2 minute 15 seconds choreographed routine using their choice of music. An international panel of judges will judge each couple. For the Group, the maximum time is 4 minutes.

2. DEFINITIONS: Rhythm must be maintained consistently throughout the performance. Shines are permitted although not more than 30%* of the performance may consist of shines or side by sides. Routine must consist of at least 70% recognizable salsa dancing. *For Ladies Team, shines are allowed 100% of the performance.

- Couple:
A couple is defined as one male and one female.

- Amateur: Defined as a student or person who does not make a living as a Dance Instructor, Performer, Dance Competitor or Dance Adjudicator and who never receives financial compensation for these activities.

- Semi-Pro: Defined as a person who receives financial compensation as a Dance Instructor, Performer, Dance Competitor or Dance Adjudicator, but who does these activities on a part time basis and makes the majority of their income in another profession.

- Professional: Defined as a person who receives financial compensation as a Dance Instructor, Performer, Dance Competitor or Dance Adjudicator, and who makes the majority or entirety of their income from these activities.

3. REGISTRATION: Couples must register in advance. There will be no last minute registration allowed on the day of the event.

4. FEES: All SHOWCASE/CHOREOGRAPHY: couples competing will be required to pay an entry fee per couple. Please refer to the proper registration form.

Lifts will be allowed in this competition.

All of the couples will dance together to a warm-up song chosen by the DJ (not to exceed 1:30 minutes). Each couple will then present their choreographed routine using their choice of music. Routine must be 2 minutes or less, excluding entrance and exit.

A maximum of 3 songs can be mixed into your routine (must be 80% Salsa/Bachata). All competitors must bring 2 CDs with their pre-recorded music (i.e. in case one CD does not work). Only one track on each CD. Song must be edited to end at no more than 2 minutes 10 seconds for Couples / 4 minutes for Groups (it is not the DJ’s responsibility to fade out or cut music at 2 minute 10 seconds mark for Couples / 4 minutes for Groups).The DJ will not slow down or speed up your CD. Please protect your CDs by using covers for each one. Each CD must be identified with your name.

Contestants are encouraged to wear costumes or matching outfits. We strongly discourage jeans. One person from each couple will be asked to wear a number sign pinned to their back.

No props are allowed. A prop is defined as any item that is not part of their regular costume worn by the dancers, and that is not attached to the dancer or their costume for the full duration of their routine.

Order of competitors will be determined the night of the competition by lotto. The competitors will meet the stage manager to choose by lotto the order in which they will be competing. ALL dancers need to be present to draw a number. If you or your partner are not present, you will be disqualified; the entry fee will not be refunded. All dancers must be backstage in costume, ready to go before the competition begins. While waiting in the holding area, no extra people will be allowed. No exceptions.

11. All contestants will sign a release form
consenting that the MSC can record and use their image for videos, films, photos, television programs or any other image-related recordings, with licit and legal purposes and not opposed to any moral standard. Parents must sign for Junior competitors.

12. The head judge will have final say
on all discrepancies. All questions and/or disputes should be brought to the attention of the head judge that evening.


***The Showcase Divisions (all categories) will be on Saturday May 20th 2017.***

Please be advised that the final schedule will be on our website, www.montrealsalsaconvention.com as soon as possible.


The following point system is supported by our Head Judge, Billy Fajardo of the World Salsa Summit.


Choreographed routines will be judged by the following criteria:


1) Timing - 20%

Correct rhythm must be maintained throughout the routine. Syncopations must be deliberate and within the acceptable deviations of timing for the dance.


Points will NOT be deducted if you are dancing “on 1” and return by breaking on “5”. The same if you are dancing “on 2” and return by breaking on “6”. If you were to return on any other beat than that mentioned you will be deducted points. The majority of the routine should show recognizable salsa timing.


2) Musicality - 15%

Couples must demonstrate their ability to creatively work with the timing of their individual music. This can be done with patterns, footwork, “hits”, tricks, etc.


The couple shall effectively utilize the breaks, accents and nuances of their chosen piece of music. They should be rhythmically in sync with the piece.


3) General Dance Technique - 15%

Balance, placement and line must be reflected all the way. This refers also to general technique for partner dance; where the movement is “grounded”, and there is clarity of proper weight changes from foot to foot. Partners must reflect adequate “Latin/Salsa Motion” and “Isolations” as designated and specific to the dance style. Movements should appear to be both clear and effortless.


Minor infractions as balance error and major balance error points deducted will be determined by each judge.


4) Difficulty - 15%

What was the level of the turns used in the routine? Were there single footed and multiple turns incorporated? Were spins performed by either dancers or only one? How intricate were the shines? Were there any movements in the choreography requiring exceptional balance, flexibility or strength? Were all movements attempted successfully executed? See below for levels of difficulty.

5) Connection / Partnering Skills - 15%

How well did the couple work together as a team? Was there an actual Lead/Follow relationship established? How synchronized was the couple during side-by-side movement, shines or turn patterns?


6) Choreography - 10%

How well put together was the performance? Did the routine flow easily from one movement to the next? Was there something clever or new that was part of the routine? How musical was it? Did the routine reflect the music chosen? Originality is a factor here.


7) Overall Presentation - 10%

How professional and polished did the couple appear to be? Did they project to the audience and capture their attention? Costuming, showmanship and good sportsmanship will be duly noted in this category.


Difficulty can be ranked as follows:

A Level: Basic movement, no single footed turns, no multiple turns, no single leg balance elements, no splits, dips etc…. 0-5.9

B Level:
Intermediate level salsa patterns, double turns, single pirouettes or variations of such, basic syncopations or shine movements, Basic Dips 6.0 – 7.9

C Level: Multiple Touch and Go Spot Turns, Intricate Multi-Level Hand Changes in Patterns, Single Leg Independent Balance Elements, Intricate Syncopations and Movement for Shine Patterns and Choreography, Intricate Dips or Flairs 8.0 -10.0.

Infractions: 5 points will be deducted from technique for a major fall.
5 points will be deducted from connection/partnering if there is a major misconnects.

Heats Division

Defined as a category where all partners or couples dance together on the stage or floor to music that is selected by the organization or deejay. Heats generally last 1.5 minutes.

Defined as dance only. No lifts, tricks, flares or drops permitted whatsoever. This is a lead/follow division, rather than choreographed, designed to show the ability to connect with one's partner and display timing, musicality and creativity to whatever music is played.

The HEATS Competition is scheduled on (to be determined).

Please be advised that the final schedule will be on our website, www.montrealsalsaconvention.com as soon as possible.

Definition of levels in Heats:

Novice - A novice dancer is a performer that is new to the competition scene. Have taken lessons for at least 3 – 6 months. This Novice level supports good basic dancing, is good for fast music and is designed for the beginner dancer/competitor. This level is comprised of basic foundation elements.

Intermediate - An intermediate dancer is a performer that has competed once or twice before. Have taken lessons for at least 6 –12 months. The Intermediate level adds rhythmic diversity.

Advanced - An advanced dancer is a performer that has competed many times before. Have been dancing and taking lessons regularly for more than 1 year. The Advanced level is for the serious competitor. A dancer should be proficient in intermediate level material before advancing to the advanced level. The Advanced level goes beyond good social dancing and is designed for dancers with strong technical skills, timing, musical interpretation and partnering skills.

***The Heats Division (all categories) will be on Saturday May 20th 2017.***

Please be advised that the final schedule will be on our website, www.montrealsalsaconvention.com as soon as possible.

All decisions are final and are to be determined by the Scrutinizer and the Head Judge.